Here's are just a few ways we've been working to rebuild our community, city, country and world. There's always room for more ideas, projects and resources bring yours! 

The Helping Place Food Pantry

Here we offer We the free choice of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and clothing to over 1000 people per month. During holidays we help as many families as possible with baskets of food and gifts. Through Feeding America and Hunger task force programs we are one of the most highly rated food pantries in Milwaukee.  



Solomon Community Temple Youth and Young Adults

The youth at Solomon have a passion for social justice, spiritual growth and community connection. We do several mission events and activities throughout the year and lead worship services once a month. We also welcome all youth and young adults who have a vision for a more positive community and who want to find a group of people who are faithful to work with and who will be supportive in your spiritual journey.
Donate Here!

Donate Here!

Imagine No Malaria

In 2006, The United Nations Foundation partnered with The United Methodist Church in the Nothing But Nets campaign, raising more than $7 million to provide insecticide-treated bed nets to the people of Africa. In 2008, building on the success of Nothing But Nets, a new, comprehensive program to fight malaria was created. This initiative, called Imagine No Malaria, is the extraordinary effort of The United Methodist Church to raise $75 million by 2015 to end deaths and suffering from malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is Faith in Action at its finest, and the people of The United Methodist Church around the world have responded to the call. This is only one of the ways Solomon Community Temple raises awareness and funding for programs that touch people across the globe. We invite you to join us in our mission to connect with others all over the world!